Garrison's Corporate Finance team seeks to provide capital to growth oriented businesses with well positioned business prospects and excellent management teams. We focus on providing credit products that are tailored to meet the needs of our borrowers through flexible structures. We seek to provide superior credit solutions in support of their business needs. Our team of investment professionals is cycle tested and their experience allows us to structure and close transactions in a timely manner.

We finance middle market borrowers to complete acquisitions, refinancings, growth financings, restructurings and recapitalizations and have completed both sponsored and non-sponsored financings across a broad range of industries primarily focused on the United States.

Our team has the ability to close and structure loans throughout the capital structure, including senior secured (first and second lien loans), hybrid secured (first and last-out term, bifurcated collateral, unitranche loans), subordinated or mezzanine loans as well as equity co-investments. In addition, we seek to acquire select syndicated and purchased credits, provide rescue financing to companies in need of liquidity and acquire discounted secondary market positions in companies in need of restructuring.

In addition, the Garrison Loan Management platform focuses on senior secured, first lien structures and with an emphasis on capital preservation and a diversification of collateral pools and underlying industry sectors. The platform participates both in primary, new issue syndications as well as selective purchases on the secondary market.

Target Deal Metrics

  • Investment Size: $10-100 million
  • Borrower Revenue: $25-500 million
  • Borrower EBITDA: $5-40 million
  • Acquisition/Bridge/Restructuring/DIP/Exit Loans/Recapitalizations/Growth Capital/Asset or Cash Flow Financing
  • Yield Range: 7-15%